Elkhart Time Trial: August

A beautiful night to conclude the Elkhart TT Series. Just an hour prior to the start of the race temps were hovering in the 90’s only to have the much needed weather front come through and drop temps to the lower 80’s by the start. A huge thank you to everyone that came out this year! Looking back in January when planning started, it was a bit of a toss up on whether we’d be racing this year. Thankful a sense of normalcy was established throughout the series and racing was able to resume. Due to some miscommunication on our part, we weren’t able to do podiums and hand out prizes following the race and rather than have folks wait around any longer we opted to send out prizes and swag to those winners. Again, apologies for the inconvenience and hopefully it doesn’t put a damper on the series. Thank you again to all those that volunteered and participated! See you next year!

Results from August 12th

Link to USAC results:

Congratulations to our series winners! Prizes will be mailed out in the upcoming week. Thank you for coming out in 2021! See you next year!

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