Elkhart Time Trial: July

A great turnout for a gorgeous night in Elkhart! 64 total riders toed the line on the evening. Temp was hovering around the mid 70’s with a 0-8 MPH S wind! Chatting with a couple folks, they had their best times yet this year. Up next is our August addition and that will bring the series for 2021 to a close. Here is the Facebook link for the August event as well as registration.


Results from July 8th

Link to USAC results:


August Registration:


See you in August!

2 thoughts on “Elkhart Time Trial: July

  1. Scott Wall August 16, 2021 / 08:35

    Will results from August 12 be posted here anytime soon? I found them on USAC but there are no times for any of the 4 months. I believe there are errors in the Master’s 50+. I’ve beaten Tony Houseman by over a minute in every Elkhart TT but he is shown as the winner in August, even over Gerald Johnson who has been crushing my times and nearly everyone else’s. Also 4th place is Troy Troy. I assume that should be Troy Bauer?

    • jguiter August 17, 2021 / 08:58

      Hey Scott, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please see the July link on this website for July. You’ll find on the PDF file for results for July. Times are listed for each of the three races. Double checking on the results for August before posting. If there is a mistake we are working to get that fixed. Thank you!

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