Elkhart Series Finale

A hot, windy July night concluded our Elkhart Time Trial Series for 2022. Winds out of the south made for a tough first half of the race and a hot journey back to the finish.

Listed are the results from Thursday night as well as our series points results. We had a few ties with the the winners being decided based on their total times through the series.

USAC Results:


Big shout out and thank you to RynoVelo Bike Shop for their sponsorship for 2022! Unclaimed prizes can be picked up at RynoVelo in Ankeny. Thanks for another great season of racing!

Unclaimed Prize List:

Elkhart 2022 Results

It’s been a roller coaster of a season so far! May brought heavy south winds and June brought us rain. What will July hold?

Here is the link to USAC results:


Here is the current point standings heading into our finale in July. We are going off our previous years points system below.


See you in July!

Prize Pick Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Elkhart Time Trial series this year. And to all of our series winners, thank you for your patience as we got all of the points tabulated and prizes organized. All of our 3rd place category winners (except open cat 3rd place) should have had their prize emailed to them this morning. All of our 1st and 2nd place category winners (and 3rd place open cat), please go to RynoVelo Bike Shop in Ankeny to pick up your prizes. If you are unable to make it there, please email Liz Van Houweling, liz@getzoomperformance.com and we will mail your prize to you. Thanks again for a great year!

Elkhart Time Trial: August

A beautiful night to conclude the Elkhart TT Series. Just an hour prior to the start of the race temps were hovering in the 90’s only to have the much needed weather front come through and drop temps to the lower 80’s by the start. A huge thank you to everyone that came out this year! Looking back in January when planning started, it was a bit of a toss up on whether we’d be racing this year. Thankful a sense of normalcy was established throughout the series and racing was able to resume. Due to some miscommunication on our part, we weren’t able to do podiums and hand out prizes following the race and rather than have folks wait around any longer we opted to send out prizes and swag to those winners. Again, apologies for the inconvenience and hopefully it doesn’t put a damper on the series. Thank you again to all those that volunteered and participated! See you next year!

Results from August 12th

Link to USAC results:

Congratulations to our series winners! Prizes will be mailed out in the upcoming week. Thank you for coming out in 2021! See you next year!

Elkhart Time Trial: July

A great turnout for a gorgeous night in Elkhart! 64 total riders toed the line on the evening. Temp was hovering around the mid 70’s with a 0-8 MPH S wind! Chatting with a couple folks, they had their best times yet this year. Up next is our August addition and that will bring the series for 2021 to a close. Here is the Facebook link for the August event as well as registration.


Results from July 8th

Link to USAC results:


August Registration:


See you in August!

Elkhart Time Trial: June

Another great turnout for a steamy night in Elkhart! Looks like we had 61 total riders for the evening. Temp was hovering around 90 with a 5-10 MPH SSE wind. A little closer to normalcy arose as state mandates have started to relax. Always fun to hear chatter about racers improving their times as the series progresses. USAC results will be coming in the next few days. Looking forward to July! Here is a link to the July Facebook Event:


Results from June 10th

Link to USAC results:

See you in July!

Elkhart Time Trial: May

Great turnout for a beautiful night in Elkhart! Looks like we had 66 total riders for the evening. Temp was hovering in the mid 60’s with the wind out of the south 10-20 MPH. In talking with some of the racers, it sounded like the feel was somewhat normal to previous years and it was great to be racing bikes again! We will work to get results posted that evening on that night’s Facebook event page following the event. Here is the link for June’s event:


Results from May 13th

Link to USAC results:


See you in June!

Coming soon! A time trial near you! Elkhart 2021.

Coming back for 2021 is the Elkhart Time Trial! This year Zealous Racing is proud to announce our partnership with Zoom Performance to bring you The Elkhart Time Trail Series. A few changes this season, including scaling down from a 5 race series to 4. Although not ideal, it was decided a few months ago that may be the safest gamble with the pandemic to still be able to run a series. The look and feel of race day will be very similar to years past and the start times will also be the same with the first rider rolling off at 6:30 PM and each following rider 30 seconds after. There will be some changes to staging, so stay tuned for those as they come. We have events posted on Facebook and updates will be communicated through those events. And as in years past, there will be discounts for those that sign up for the whole series.

Registration will be opening soon through BikeReg. We will have a link on this page as well as the Facebook event pages for registration once it goes live. Come out and test yourself for 2021!

Elkhart Time Trial August & 2019 Final Edition

First and foremost thank you racers for joining us the 2nd Thursday of the past 5 months.  It has been a tremendous first season for me as a race director.  Quite honestly other than April this has been some of the best weather we have had in a long time.  It is my hope that each of you enjoyed pushing your limits every time.  We saw records fall, new friendships found, rivalries begin, and rivalries continue.  As for August edition it was a perfect night to a great series.  Thank you again for being a part of our series.

Over the course of the year we saw 6 new records set:

Matt Gardiner   M Open 14:11.87                                                                                                    Lily Ensign F JR 18:45.99                                                                                                             Heather Poskevich W EM 18:44.27                                                                                                     Deanne Herr W 4/5  18:27.26                                                                                                                Brooks Glassnap Recumbent 14:19.69                                                                                              Greg Grandgeorge M Fat Bike 19:17.40

For me this series was the gateway to a greater community.  As you think about the past season and begin to make plans for the next I encourage you to bring a friend.  Race the clock and see how each of you measure up.  Along with that, check out the local crit races and dive in.  The bike racing community has so much to offer. Once you go full gas, you won’t want to look back and you’ll wonder why didn’t I find this sport years ago.

I have a few takeaways and tweaks already for next season, be on the lookout for updates after the new year. Results are attached.

Elkhart Time Trial 2019 – Elkhart Overall

Elkhart Time Trial 2019 – Elkhart Time Trial August

If you have thoughts or suggestions please email them to me Jason Bernstein: jb@thrivemultisport.com

P.S. I hear #Crossiscoming check IBRA, USAC, & BIKEIOWA websites for a cross race near you….