Elkhart Time Trial August & 2019 Final Edition

First and foremost thank you racers for joining us the 2nd Thursday of the past 5 months.  It has been a tremendous first season for me as a race director.  Quite honestly other than April this has been some of the best weather we have had in a long time.  It is my hope that each of you enjoyed pushing your limits every time.  We saw records fall, new friendships found, rivalries begin, and rivalries continue.  As for August edition it was a perfect night to a great series.  Thank you again for being a part of our series.

Over the course of the year we saw 6 new records set:

Matt Gardiner   M Open 14:11.87                                                                                                    Lily Ensign F JR 18:45.99                                                                                                             Heather Poskevich W EM 18:44.27                                                                                                     Deanne Herr W 4/5  18:27.26                                                                                                                Brooks Glassnap Recumbent 14:19.69                                                                                              Greg Grandgeorge M Fat Bike 19:17.40

For me this series was the gateway to a greater community.  As you think about the past season and begin to make plans for the next I encourage you to bring a friend.  Race the clock and see how each of you measure up.  Along with that, check out the local crit races and dive in.  The bike racing community has so much to offer. Once you go full gas, you won’t want to look back and you’ll wonder why didn’t I find this sport years ago.

I have a few takeaways and tweaks already for next season, be on the lookout for updates after the new year. Results are attached.

Elkhart Time Trial 2019 – Elkhart Overall

Elkhart Time Trial 2019 – Elkhart Time Trial August

If you have thoughts or suggestions please email them to me Jason Bernstein: jb@thrivemultisport.com

P.S. I hear #Crossiscoming check IBRA, USAC, & BIKEIOWA websites for a cross race near you….

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