Elkhart Time Trial April 2019 Edition

Well the opening to the season was a dandy!  Congrats to the hardened racers that came to Elkhart on Thursday.  We had a great turnout of riders that braved the April weather conditions.  Gale force winds out of the south at 30mph+ and a drop in temps left many riders a bit dismayed and in hopes that their effort would warm them. In all only 5 riders would break the sub 20 minute mark, with Scott Wall taking the overall victory.  This was definitely not a record breaking night but the race to the finish after the turn around Strava point was in danger for sure! Thank you all for coming out.

 Here are your Overall times by category:

M JR 13-18

Brody Burnham             18:33.44


Isaac Young                  20:35.19

Rob Haaland                21:13.69

Ryan Blane                   21:28.19

Tim Rourk                    21:53.34

Anthony Acklin           23:01.67

Shane Bast                   25:28.75

Bradford Cox               27:21.19

Alexi Wall                    30:46.41

M 40+

Jon Thompson            21:27.51

Kyle Platts                   22:01.44

Gene Feldt                   26:30.26

Scott  Fifer                   27:32.41

Brian Marsh                29:10.44

M 50+

Scott Wall                     18:13.16

David Gannon             21:06.76

Artur Golebiewski      21:24.62

Peter Stevenson          23:44.02

Boyd Burnham            32:49.87

M 60+

William Knoedel             19:49.26

Rick Gladson                    22:23.44

Thomas Hanthorn          22:57.22

Tony Leehoven               24:58.02

David Ertl                         25:15.41

Harry Fortney                 28:04.41

M 70+

Earl Hill                 28:33.59



Austin Boaz                 18:46.91

Connor Bernstein       18:52.62

David Alexander        20:36.37

Jim Coady                     21:11.09

Luis Rodriguez            21:21.19

Juan Rodriguez           22:26.22

Steve Fuller                 23:47.44

John Weiler                 24:54.44

Dan Bishop                  24:56.87

Paul Hauser                 25:04.76

Norman Wellings             31:56.16

M Open

Jesse Benshoof              19:05.94

Jason Bernstein            20:43.12

Tony Talbot                   22:15.41


Heather Poskevich             21:48.84

Marisa Boaz                        24:31.69

Katherine Roccasecca       26:06.05

Shawnna Haynes               30:03.72

Lisa Minske                         30:08.69

W 4/5

Deanne Herr                 24:04.69

Rose Farver                   29:43.94

W Open  

Jennifer Borst                21:12.44

Laura Stein                    24:15.59

Kerrie Bernstein           27:05.44

F 50+

Martina Schubert             31:50.37

Michelle Wall                    45:03.37

F 40 +

Lisa Burnham                 29:43.94

Erika York                       32:31.09

The Cycle

Peter Koestler    (Single Speed)    32:36.76

M Rec

Brent Steinle                 20:53.51

M Fat Tire

Greg Grandgeorge             24:02.34

Thomas Avila                     28:31.16

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